14 Ways of Diet Self‐therapy for Fatty Liver Patients

14 Ways of Diet Self‐therapy for Patients with Fatty Liver and Healthy Foods for Fatty Liver.

The passage contains four latest news about fatty liver including: Six Major Causes of Fatty Liver, 14 Ways of Diet Self-therapy for Patients with Fatty Liver, Healthy Foods for Fatty Liver and Vitamin E Helps Patients with Fatty Liver.


Six Major Causes of Fatty Liver

Long-term Drinking: Alcohol is mainly decomposed by liver and alcohol does harm to liver. If people drink for a long term, it will damage liver very much. Therefore, people had better not drink in daily life, especially not drink with empty belly. That’s because drinking without foods can absorb more acetaldehydes. It can be said that alcohol is the top killer of liver, which can directly lead to fatty liver.
Malnutrition: Long-term malnutrition and lack of certain protein and vitamins can lead to nutritional deficiency fatty liver. 
Overnutrition: Over nutrition can transfer into fat and storage in liver, which can lead to obesity and fatty liver.
Drugs: There are many fatty livers which are caused by taking too many drugs. We have to pay attention while taking drugs in daily life.
Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases: The incidence of fatty liver for patients with diabetes 2 is about 40% to 50%.
Hyperlipemia: Hyperlipemia has close relationship with fatty liver.
From the above, we know that liver diseases have become one of the major reasons causing death. We have to pay attention to the diets and exercise in daily life to prevent fatty liver.

14 Ways of Diet Self-therapy for Patients with Fatty Liver

Some are diagnosed with fatty liver when they are doing B-ultrasonography, they don’t have any symptoms of fatty liver before. The key of treating fatty liver is to control body weight, which can be achieved by reasonable diets and more exercises.
The following are 14 items we should pay attention while treating fatty liver with diets:
1.Stop drinking
2.Choose skimmed milk or yoghourt.
3.Eat less than two eggs every day.
4.Stop using animal oil and the daily intake of vegetable oil should be controlled below 20g.
5.Don’t eat animal giblets, chicken skin, fat, cod roe and crab cream.
6.Never eat fried foods.
7.Don’t eat chocolate.
8.Often eat bean products and wheat gluten.
9.Eat about 500g fresh green vegetables every day.
10.Decrease the intake of staple foods if you have eaten some fruits.
11.The daily intake of common salt should be limited between 5g to 6g.
12.Pepper, onion, ginger and garlic are ok, but don’t eat too many.
13.Eat less in dinner and don’t eat any foods before sleep.
14.Use 30g haw and 15g cassia to make water.

Healthy Foods for Fatty Liver

Among many traditional herbs, some foods play a vital role in treating fatty liver. There are many foods in daily life which have effects on fatty liver.
Soybean: soybean and bean products are rich in unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin E and lecithin, which all have the function of decreasing cholesterin content in blood.
Cucumber: cucumber contains fibril, which can stimulate the excretion of putrefactive substances in intestinal tract and decrease cholesterol. In addition, tartronic acid contained in cucumber can resist the transfer from sugar to fat, which especially works for patients with cardiovascular diseases.
Garlic: British scientists find that fresh garlic can greatly decrease the harmful cholesterol content in blood.
Onion: onion can decrease blood fat mainly because it contains allyl N-propyl sulfide and sulphur amino acids. These two substances belong to glycosides, which can prevent atherosclerosis expect decreasing blood fat.
Milk: it contains carboxyl and acid methyl which can resist the activity of the compound of cholesterol. Besides, milk is rich in calcium, which can decrease the absorption of cholesterol.
Ginger: there is a kind of organic compound called salicylic acid. It can decrease blood fat, cholesterol content and prevent thrombus.
Turtle: it has the function of nourishing yin and taking tonics. In addition, turtle can effectively decrease the cholesterol content after eating food rich in fat.

Vitamin E Helps Patients with Fatty Liver

In an NIH-funded study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, research found that daily vitamin E improved the livers of patients who have a type of liver disease known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The study results are welcome findings because there are currently no approved treatments for the disease, says a Saint Louis University researcher on the project.
Increasingly common, NASH is characterized by excessive fat that causes inflammation and damage in the liver; NASH affects 3 to 4 percent of all adults in the U.S. Linked to weight gain and obesity, NASH can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer and death.
“Fatty liver disease is a growing problem in the U.S., and we currently have no approved medication to offer patients,” said Brent Tetri, M.D., a hepatologist at Saint Louis University Liver Center and study researcher. “With this study, we’re pleased to find that vitamin E should help some of our patients.”
During 96 weeks of treatment, patients with NASH were given 800 IU daily of the natural form of vitamin E or a placebo. Researchers found that 43 percent of those treated with vitamin E showed significant improvement of the liver; only 19 percent of those who received a placebo improved.
Separately, researchers also studied the effects of a drug, pioglitazone, in treating NASH. It, too, improved the condition of patients’ livers, although its use was associated with weight gain.
Researchers caution that neither treatment improved liver disease in all patients, and that diabetic patients were not included in this study. Diabetes is common in NASH patients, and further research is needed to determine if vitamin E or pioglitazone will be appropriate treatments for diabetic patients.

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